And Now, the Stunning Conclusion: My Quest to Find a Doctor and Take Back My Health, Part Four

Phew. So I had bloodwork and my very first mammogram on Thursday. I’d made the appointment for the mammogram for 8:15 am thinking I’d stop in and get my bloodwork done first, then truck over to the mammogram, then feast. I hate fasting. Which is funny because often I will go until 2 in the afternoon without eating. I’ll just be busy or something, and it won’t bother me at all. But tell me I can’t eat and that’s all I can think about!

Being that I couldn’t eat or drink anything but water for 12 hours prior to the test, I made a near-fatal error. Yep. I had a cigarette on the way to get the test done. It was rebellion, pure and simple. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t have my coffee so I was going to smoke, dammit. Yeah…more on that stupid idea later.

At any rate, I was extremely impressed with the mammography office. Not only was it very posh and the people there very kind, but they had free coffee in the lobby. They were gods in my book, just for that! Not only was the attention there particularly wonderful, but I received my results by mail on Saturday. So they must have been in the mail that very same day!

However. I knew there was something wrong because my doctor’s nurse called me Friday morning. They’d gotten the results from my bloodwork, and the doctor wanted me to come in. I mentioned I had to drop off the urine sample at the hospital (it was that time of month so I couldn’t do it on Thursday) on Monday. The nurse jumped at this, and scheduled me for Monday at 11:30. They never call you and squeeze you in that quickly if it’s good news.

So, yes, the diabetes is confirmed. And not. My blood sugar level is still flirting at the borderline. Another reason I love my doctor? No drugs. At all. She was more than willing to listen to me, and trust me, and supports my desire not to …but to take care of this myself. Besides, as she explained it, she didn’t want to throw me into hypoglycemia…low blood sugar…which might have happened without enough information.

Doctor One didn’t think that. Doctor One could have caused me serious harm, especially if I’d taken that “pancreas squeezer.”

So right there in the office they took another test to see if my average blood sugar was under control. The ideal numbers for their machine (there’s different brands apparently that use different scales) iss between 6.0 and 6.7. If you’re average falls in that range, you’re perfectly normal.

6.3. Right in the middle.

So…yes, diabetic. But guess what? I’m handling it. Like I thought I could. I knew if I tried hard enough, controlled myself, I would be able to keep this in control without medication.

Okay…and about the cigarettes? In case anyone out there is wondering…cigarettes raise your blood sugar faster than food. It takes food 20 minutes. Cigarettes raise it in around 2 minutes. And yes, could make a difference on a blood test, especially when it’s that close. Apparently, they recommend (well, they actually recommend you quit altogether) to abstain from nicotene products for at least 2 hours before any bloodwork. Something I will be taking into consideration in the future. Considering how little I smoke, and I really do it for pleasure more than habit (less than a pack a week), it would be simple enough for me to restrain myself. I’ve already coordinated a link between cigarettes and blood pressure…if I don’t smoke before I see the doctor, my blood pressure is normal. It’s that quick.

The bad news in all of this is that I have to start sticking myself. Ewww. Although there’s a strange person inside my head that’s actually curious…to see how fast what foods affect me. To see how fast the cigarettes affect me. From what I’ve been reading online, it does seem like each and every person reacts to food differently. I might find no problem at all with ice cream, but that bread makes it shoot up. Ok, that’s not likely, but you get the idea.

The other bad news is that my foot and ankle problems are likely related to the diabetes. We’re still waiting on some results that had to be sent out, but the possibility is very high. Before the store closed, I’m sure my blood sugar levels were completely out of control. Given my lifestyle and the way I was eating, it’s a miracle I am alive at this point. My diet changed by default as soon as I was home all the time. I didn’t have the money for fast food as often, and was not out and about to be tempted. It wasn’t as good as it is now, because we’d fallen into the processed food trap, and I was still completely addicted to soda.

Looking back then, I can see how the damage might have been done, and it’s been a slow path pulling myself out of it. But I did it. And I can do more. I’ve started walking daily…it’s not much, I know. I’m not looking to run marathons or fit into a size 2 jeans. This isn’t about vanity. This is about health. About feeling better. About staying off of medications that have side effects almost as bad as the diseases they’re supposed to cure. About being in control and making my body do what it was built to do.

This is about life and living it as long as I am able to. I like this ride, and I’m not ready to get off just yet.


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I don't need gurus, and sure don't want to be one. I'm not here to buy stuff or to sell it. I am just another spiritual wanderer, trying to figure it all out. My blend? A little Santeria, a little Polytheism, a little Spiritism and shake gently. Comments are closed...because I detest drama. I'm not completely anti-social though. If you've got questions, shoot me a email. Camylleon at hotmail dot com...
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2 Responses to And Now, the Stunning Conclusion: My Quest to Find a Doctor and Take Back My Health, Part Four

  1. sarenth says:

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes; I was too, this week, and it can be a moment lost or a moment of change. I’m with you in making it a moment of change. Good luck to you!

    • Camylleon says:

      I’m sorry for you as well, but glad you’re with me in the change. I’m looking at this as a real wake up call…a call to arms…a call to keep on this track and take my life back. We can both do it!

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