Raising Energy, Grounding Energy: Will I Ever Learn?

There simply has to be a better way. I’m posting this as much to vent my frustration as in the vague hope that someone who stumbles upon it might have suggestions, of any sort.

This past week, my friend Mousie and I endeavored on a little spiritual work. Now, this should not have been that taxing. In fact, she did almost all of the work, so the energy output should have been all on her shoulders. Of course, I realize these things are never quite that simple. First, I was in the room, and as a result I was contributing my own energy into the mix. Second, we were working with my own Ancestors/Muertos, so again…there was a lot of my energy going into this. Very much like any sort of battery operated device like cameras and cell phones, I have discovered that these spirits can drain my energy. All it seems to require is my presence for them to access it.

Now, given that we were working, I don’t mind so much. After all, there is a natural energy exchange. We asked, they took. I’m good with that. However…

There has just got to be a better way to recharge afterwards.

The next day was abominable. I was completely lethargic, and had that feeling in my throat that I always get when I’m vitamin-depleted. In addition, I had a few symptoms of dehydration. Hey…I’ve had one heckuva lesson on listening to your body over the last year to two, so I know these things. The dehydration made complete sense. We were in there faaaaaaaar too long (I have some overly-chatty Ancestors), and I didn’t have anything to drink for…probably upwards of four hours. No, we shouldn’t be working that long. I was cracking jokes about using a stopwatch next time. Whenever we do any sort of spirit work, we always figure we’ll be at it for maybe an hour or two…and four hours later (or worse), we’re still at it.

So, first solution is to find a way to time these workings so that we aren’t putting out too much all at once. Part of that will be reigning in my Ancestors. Between just setting the rules (which I haven’t really done up to this point, my bad), and more consistent interaction with them (so maybe they aren’t so completely verbose when I do talk to them?) I’m hoping that will naturally fix itself. And I’m only half-joking about timing it. I realize that these things go as long as they need to go. However, if we’d had some concept of time while we were in her ritual room, we’d have been able to confront the spirit we were working with and possibly bring the conversation to an end much sooner.

I haven’t been using the babushka lately, either. That’s something I’m probably going back to. The white handkerchief on the head (or white hat) is a tradition in most ADR beliefs. I’m not sure that it would necessarily curb the energy drain, but it will help me to keep my mind clearer and protect me from any gooky stuff I might run into in these activities, and always recommended. After all, it can’t hurt. There’s always cascarilla and Florida Water on hand as well, however I’ve found their use limited to getting rid of bad gunky stuff, not necessarily preventing energy drain or in any way reenergizing me.

So, my first plan is to curtail the energy output to begin with. Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily solve the energy drain afterward. Even with simpler workings, Sabbat circles for instance, I’ve ended drained and lethargic. As a comparison, I’m about as physically fit after spiritual work as I would have been after attending Grateful Dead concerts for a weekend–including all the illicit substances that I may or may not have participated in during those said concerts (pleading the 5th!). So that might give you an idea of my physical/mental state of being after performing spiritual work.

Other than that, let the experiments begin. I need to verify if these spiritual hangovers are a result of energy I’m hanging on to or a result of energy drained from me. The grounding methods may not be working because the reaction isn’t from energy I’m holding on to but from energy that’s actually drained from me. So I’m planning three sets of experiments. First, with grounding methods. Second, with preventing the energy drain in various ways (staying hydrated is at the top of this list! Lesson learnt!). Third to find methods to restore energy lost as efficiently as possible.

It may be that these activities will always drain me, and my best hope might be to mitigate the damages. Otherwise, the day after will always be horrible. Of course, as with many things in life, there might just be an adjustment curve. As I embark on more frequent and in-depth work, my system might develop a resistence to the energy drain that’s not been built up just yet. Sort of like the flu, I just need to let my body develop it’s own defense system. If that’s the case, this will get easier every time. If it doesn’t, I guess I can scrap that theory!

I’ll be doing some surfing over the next few days as well, to see if anyone else has addressed these issues. I simply can’t be the only person out there in this big, bad, world who’s had this problem.

And as always, if anyone has any suggestions, I’m more than interested! Let the grand experiments begin!

The whole “grounding” technique that’s commonly known throughout Wicca and Pagan circles has been little help. No amount of visualizing the energy going through my feet into the earth has seemed to work. Neither has eating…nor ahem marital bouncy-bouncy. <grin> Although that’s always fun, and not to be turned down. Yes, I’ve also tried tree-hugging, walking barefoot in the grass, and showers.

So I embark now in a stream of experiments designed to see if there are any other techniques that might work.


About Camylleon

I don't need gurus, and sure don't want to be one. I'm not here to buy stuff or to sell it. I am just another spiritual wanderer, trying to figure it all out. My blend? A little Santeria, a little Polytheism, a little Spiritism and shake gently. Comments are closed...because I detest drama. I'm not completely anti-social though. If you've got questions, shoot me a email. Camylleon at hotmail dot com...
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12 Responses to Raising Energy, Grounding Energy: Will I Ever Learn?

  1. A couple of suggestions-

    When you ground into the earth, have you tried pulling energy from the earth up through those roots? It’s a natural way of doing things, and the Earth can handle it.

    Second, when you’re working, have you considered some kind of energy shields? Ones using the intention of being able to work with energy without being involuntarily drained? To a certain extent, your babushka works as a symbolic shield, but you might want to go directly to the source…

    Hope that helps a bit


    • Camylleon says:

      Well, yeah… tried the grounding and the raising. I understand the earth can handle it, and that was the one method that probably made the most sense to me. I’ll definitely think about the shields though. I’ve never in the past needed them…I always had industrial-strength shields in the past. Of course, I also had little sensitivity to spirits in the past. Now that you’ve brought it up, I think that as my sensitivity has increased, it’s very likely that my natural shields have decreased so I might have to give them a bit more attention than I did previously…

      Definitely food for thought! Thanks!

      • It’s also worth noting that, when you’re working with spirits, you may be unconsciously lowering or dropping your shields in order to make a better contact, with the result that you are more open to energetic drain.

        Even if spirits are not intentionally trying to drain you, if you’re too open this can sometimes inadvertantly happen anyway.


  2. Jessica says:

    I was thinking about the idea of having some energy other than your own for the spirits to use and enjoy while you’re in the space. I would probably get the earth energy into you or the room before you invite in your Ancestors. Also, I don’t know if this goes against tradition, but can you bring their offerings in while you’re chatting with them? Or does that have to wait until after ritual time? If they can have their offerings during your working time with them, that also gives them something to draw from other than your own personal life force. I know this is a little new-agey and not that traditional, but I would also watch your solar plexus in addition to your head. I like to use a particular herbal ointment dabbed in the right energy points to stave off too much drainage but a talisman or some sort of a protective charm wouldn’t hurt either. Not really a hostile one, but a “Hey, I love you, but you’re wearing me out! Slow down a little….” kind of a charm.

    From your description it sounds like more of an energy drain than an inability to ground. People who don’t ground out often report feeling “Up”, jittery, dizzy, lightheaded, disconnected and generally spacey. Especially since grounding techniques aren’t solving the problem. You sound almost hollowed out. That also makes me wonder what’s going on in sabbat circles. Who’s draining you in there? Elemental spirits, deities or the other participants? Regardless, I’m thinking to ramp up the shield work a little bit and for the Beloved Dead, give them some other energy to snack on while you’re working with them so that so much of it doesn’t need to come out of you.

    • Camylleon says:

      With the offerings…it sort of depends. If I know aforehand or if I’m just feeling like bringing them something, I put it out before I begin any work. Sometimes I do work and ask them if they want anything and get a list…in which case, the offerings will be put out later. It’s a good point, though. I’m going to watch my reactions and see if there’s a difference when I have an offering and when I don’t. That might make a huge difference.

      If you don’t mind my asking, which oil do you use for your solar plexus? I’m not exactly traditional in the traditional sense…and use whatever seems to make sense. The Chakras make sense to me, so the idea of protecting the solar plexus makes a lot of sense! And I’m looking into talismans/charms…doing a little research for other things anyway…so I’ll keep my eyes open for anything else that jumps out at me. Ritual jewelry, etc., is another thing that “makes sense” in my world!

      You’re completely right about the difference between being drained and not grounding. My immediate thought was that as a result of not grounding, I didn’t sleep and therefore felt drained. Sleep cycles after rit is something else I should start tracking/analyzing. I’ve always been aware to check my dreams but I haven’t really paid attention to the quality or length of sleep afterward. Fortunately or unfortunately, I haven’t done any actual sabbat circles in some time…not per se, at any rate. I know in one instance at least, it was another participant that drained me horribly, but I only worked with her in circle that one time. Learned my lesson from that!

      So…second vote for shield work! 😀 That and a little research as far as the offerings go. After all, there may be a specific offering that allays some of these symptoms more than others…or something. Thanks for the input!

  3. You’re welcome. I live to be of service 😀


  4. Tamilia says:

    This really is quite a pickle. I think that Catherine Foresight and Jessica already offered the suggestions that I would have made. Good luck. I look forward to a full report on your experiments ;-).

  5. Jessica says:

    Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you on herbs for the solar plexus. If I am using it on my skin, of course, I want to be gentle. In the case of working with your spirits, you obviously don’t want to do any of the hard core “exorcising” type of herbs, because you’re not trying to send them away. So, I usually try to use the more gentle protection types of herbs in an oil base. Or essential oils in a carrier. Angelica is nice but not aggressive to anything that likes you. Balm of Gilead is nice. Blessed Thistle is good, and always lavender. So you can either take some light oil like sunflower or safflower (I get these at the grocery store) and simmer one or more of the above herbs in it, cool it and use it, or I just take one of those base oils and add essential oils. Lavender oil won’t bother your skin (or shouldn’t!). Cinnamon is a good one too but go really easy on that because too concentrated will be uncomfortable. Basil is decent too. Oh, and Chamomile! Very sun and solar plexus oriented, which is great for energy in general.

    • Camylleon says:

      Thanks Jessica! I have almost all those herbs you listed…so whipping up my own oil isn’t a problem. Getting an essential oil might be…nearest herb shop is miles & miles from here. There’s a Whole Foods not too far, but their selection is limited, and no real metaphysical stores in the area. Sheesh. It’s a plot, I’m tellin’ ya! Might take a stab at the Blessed Thistle. If I remember the contents of my pantry well, I have quite a bit of it…but it is, of course, something new to experiment with! 😉

  6. Jessica says:

    Blessed Thistle is really nice if you’ve already got it in stock. It’s protective but not in a “get the hell away from me!” sort of way, which is good because you’re working with your spirits and you want them to stay. You just want them to leave you with a little bit more zip after you’re done hanging out.

    By the way, do you have any good resources you suggest for me to study up on working with spirits in general? I am feeling that it is time to do some real communicating with my Dad. My education has been somewhat limited in this area. I tend to “wing it” but I really could stand to read some thoughts from others and get a bit more depth to my understanding. I like to learn about what others have tried, and what works for them, which helps me tailor something for myself to try. Thanks Sunshine!

    • Camylleon says:

      Unfortunately, no…I wish I could. Decent resources are difficult, and anything about Ancestors is almost non-existent altogether. What I’ve learned has been, much like you, by the seat of my pants. I’ve been a little lucky because my friend Mousie was working with Voodoo when I met her…in specific, the Ghede, so she had a foundation of working with the deceased that I managed to build from. Throw in a little mythology, some spiritism, and some experimentation…and you get where I am now 😉

      If you’ve ever worked with a pendulum, I recommend it highly. It’s my number-one method of communication with my deceased and all my spirits, really. If you’re not skittish about Ouija boards, I understand they work as well…I just don’t like the urban myths that go along with them. I find that I can’t get that out of my head enough to use them clearly.

      I wish I knew of ANY legit resources out there, but…well, it’s advanced course work. That’s one of the reasons I actively seek out people who are blogging on the subject. I figure I’ve got a lot to learn as well, and maybe if we pool our knowledge…we might figure a few things out? I dunno…I do promise that if I find anything, I’ll post it immediately!

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