The ongoing saga of Dr. Kioni

I’m sharing this blog from my dear WordPress friend Poppet because…well, she says it best, and has done all the research and all that. Hoping to get some insight from my friends here at the Cave who have a little insight both in the Hoodoo and ADR/ATR worlds. I have my suspicions…what do y’all think?


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I don't need gurus, and sure don't want to be one. I'm not here to buy stuff or to sell it. I am just another spiritual wanderer, trying to figure it all out. My blend? A little Santeria, a little Polytheism, a little Spiritism and shake gently. Comments are closed...because I detest drama. I'm not completely anti-social though. If you've got questions, shoot me a email. Camylleon at hotmail dot com...
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8 Responses to The ongoing saga of Dr. Kioni

  1. ljwitch says:

    Oh boy. What do I think? I seriously think people take the “intellectual property” thing WAY too far. I understand copyright issues, and that’s great, but trying to claim intellectual property rights on “hoodoo psychics” is a little much. That would be like the first guy to use STFU on the intarwebzzz trying to claim intellectual rights to it. People……you can’t patent the English language or it’s usage. Sheesh.

    As far as both Cat Yronwode and Dr. Kioni, I started listening to them in late 2010. However, after awhile I got a very wonky vibe from both of them, not just him. It’s seems to me that it really isn’t about conjure and rootwork, it’s about the almighty dollar and the fame. I don’t know these two people personally, but from that letter, that’s the impression I get.

    I don’t know if there’s any real truth behind the racist and bigoted overtones, but I suppose it wouldn’t surprise me if there were. But, inhumane animal sacrifice I just can’t tolerate in any way, shape or form. Knowing that I wouldn’t give Kioni 2 seconds of my time if HE were the one on fire. Using someone’s gravesite, without the knowledge of or permission of the family of the person, and/or the cemetery proprietors is unconscionable! W.T.F? I would like to personally kick him right in the teeth for giving all of us bad press. It seems that these egotistical jerks are everywhere and think that just because religion is protected by the Constitution it gives them a right to do whatever they damned well please, as long as they put a very thin religious veneer on it.

    This doesn’t mean that I think all ADR followers or Palo practitioners are jerks, but there’s always at least one in every group. The guy posted the photo on Facebook for crying out loud! It’s obvious he doesn’t give a rat’s rear end how that looks on the rest of us, or how society will take such a thing. Perhaps PETA should just crawl inside is bum with a microscope.

    I don’t know the Yronwodes. I haven’t spent much time looking into them, but I guess the whole show just struck me as some sort of sales pitch. While I realize that Hoodoo and Rootwork is more of a paid service, I guess I kind of frown on an entire radio show as a dedicated commercial.

    Here’s my opinion on the questions, with my admittedly thin layer of knowledge when it comes to ADR.

    1. No. It was pure spell work, IMO.

    2.I don’t believe spell work has the same layer of protection as a religious ceremony would. Especially not HERE in the U.S. where spell work is skating on very thin ice as it is.

    3. Working with the dead is fine. Working with the dead in a cemetery you don’t have permission to be doing spell work in, burning things on top of graves with no thought to the families of the dead, lacks any sort of morality whatsoever. This isn’t Africa. It just isn’t. That might work in some African burial grounds, but it doesn’t work in the U.S. He should know it, and if he doesn’t he’s an idiot.

    4. I honestly don’t know, but from what I’m reading about this whole thing and just the vibe this guy gave me when I listened to him, I’m going for something he did just to impress people. It failed, I’m unimpressed.

    5. I believe it’s a serious breach of ethics to post any specifics about work you’re doing for your clients. A simple, basic outline of the work being done with no specific details would be fine, I think. Once you’re posting photos of your rituals to the public, that’s where I draw my line. If they’re your own rituals, for you, then fine. But, if they involve paying clients (I’m assuming Kioni was well paid for this work), then you’re a schiester. IMO.

    I’ll be doing more research here, this has me wanting to know more.

    • FlyingPoppet says:

      All interesting points, LJ. I think what bothers me most about the whole mess is publicly posting photos of paid spell work. If I forked over money to someone to do work for me, I would assume the same level of confidentiality as I would from any other service provider. Heck, the guys who sealed my parents’ basement asked permission before showing prospective clients photos of the work. (For all I know, he could have asked permission, but he never says he did.)
      In addition to the confidentiality issues, there are the magical issues of posting the photos. I know some folks who don’t like their altars to be photographed, let alone spell work in progress. And there is the old adage about keeping your mouth shut about the work you are doing.
      So even if the photo didn’t picture something as upsetting as inhumane animal sacrifice, it still would not sit well with me.
      As to the yronwoods, I like a lot of the work they have done to preserve practices that might otherwise be lost. I keep hearing rumblings about misbehavior on their part, but haven’t been able to find any examples so far. Though I’d love to see them if they are out there.
      I don’t mind the advertising of services within reason.
      Thanks for taking the time to write a response!

      • ljwitch says:

        I totally agree on the confidentiality issue. I can’t believe that he would even take photos during a ritual like that in the first place, let alone post them for the public. Even if he asked permission, I still frown on it. I also agree on advertisment within reason. Perhaps I listened to the wrong episodes because to me it sounded like one giant psychic friends network infomercial from the late 80’s.

        I just dated myself. LOL

        • Camylleon says:

          YES! That’s exactly what I said…Mousie said Philip Neimark & I said…if Dionne Warwick & Philip Neimark had a child…it’d be Kioni. ūüėÄ You’re not the oldest one here!

  2. ljwitch says:

    I’d also like to know how Kioni went about choosing the grave he used. Because he was very vocal about the type of person the deceased was, but how would he have known that?

  3. squeakerxmim says:

    Hee hee, this reminds me of something….

  4. I will say–although repeat would be more accurate–that what bother me most is the way things have been handled and publicized. There is no point on me saying whether I think it was religious or not, for I don’t think it is up to me to decide. Religion is a very personal thing, but when one takes it and splatters a ritual all over the place, then the public becomes part of it, too. And that is a very tricky place to be.

    This is a royal mess. I don’t envy the ones involved.

    • Camylleon says:

      So true. Whether or not it was a ritual…and whether it was Palo or Voudo is a distraction, not the real issue. I thought I’d point it out only because there are people in the world (I’m not saying they are these type of people necessarily) who would use this sort of negative publicity to line their *own* pockets while the rest of us will suffer the consequences.

      It’s possible it’s just a lot of horrible misunderstandings, but I don’t really trust any of the parties involved in this, and I don’t know why Dr. Kioni would have had those pictures on Facebook so that they *could* be leaked to the public. At the very minimum, that was irresponsible. At the worst…well, you see where I’m going.

      They’re all adults, they’ve made their beds and I’ll leave them to it. I’m saving my pity for those of us who get hit in the aftermath…if there is an aftermath. Right now my one prayer is that the media gets so carried away with the presidential elections that they won’t need to scrounge around for their muck-throwing and this whole thing will blow over. I can only hope…

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