I Will Hug Her and Squeeze Her and Name Her George

Last time I posted about my writing and such, I shared with you my first character, Hope. If you’re just “tuning in,” that post is here…http://wp.me/p1lH4W-8H.

I have to admit again that characters and dialog are where my heart lies. I get very attached to my characters. Like Hope, George is part of me. She’s the older part of me, the jaded, bruised, emotionally injured, older but not-necessarily-wiser part of me.

Again, I had fun with the background and name for this character. Her mother is a literature professor, her father an astronomy professor. Her entire family is academic or artistic. In this, she is one of the black sheep of her family. She owns…*gasp* ametaphysical store!

So I suppose those of you who know me or have followed this blog have some idea already of where the similarities between George and I began…

Anyway, her birth-name is…Aurora Borealis Noble. Yeah. Nice moniker, eh? There are several reasons for her nickname. First, there is a city in Illinois (not far from where the story begins) called Aurora. Second, ever hear a 3-4 year old child try to say Aurora? Hmm…yeah comes out “Awowa.” Not that pretty. The nickname of “George” is also a compromise and her mom’s idea…there was a French novelist whose pen name was George Sand (1804-1876)  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Sand) who was quite scandalous for a number of reasons, partially because she ran around dressed like a man for most of her life. There were other reasons, of course ;-). George Sand’s name by birth was Amatine Lucile Aurore Dupin. So Aurora acquired the nickname of George which has stuck with her throughout her life; mostly because she won’t allow anyone to call her Aurora.

As you can see, I have fun with names as well as the background why the name was chosen. Parents don’t always think these things through thoroughly when coming up with a name for their child. I myself narrowly escaped being named “Sarah Lee.” <shudder>

And yes, for the record her last name is an homage to my favorite companion from Doctor Who, Donna Noble. In fact, if you shorten “George” into “Geo” which a lot of the characters do at various times, it’s pronounced “Jo” for my other most favorite companion, Jo Grant. I am just that much of a geek. So I guess authors have no more common sense when it comes to naming characters than parents do naming children! 😉 I’d also like to add that the prefix “-geo” comes from the Greek word for Earth. Damn, I love playing with names!

The surnames of my characters may all end up getting switched about although I think George’s and Hope’s will probably stay as they are. I like the implications of George’s surname “Noble,” particularly for the struggles she goes thru as well as the fact that she becomes designated leader of the little tribe I’m developing. Hope’s surname of “White” fits as well…because she was raised as white as Wonder bread with mayonnaise; she is the most naive of the characters.

George is Hope’s Aunt, and thereby the sister of the other “black sheep” of the Noble clan, Mary Shelly Noble White who has gone off the deep end into conservative-fringe-almost-cult-like “Christianity.” George has gone off in the opposite direction of her sister. She left her small town to head for college in the City of Chicago. With the freedom of university life, she was able to begin exploring the religion she’d been most interested in, Wicca, as well as many other metaphysical studies.

Unfortunately, she discovered she was not cut out for academia. (And again, this is where we have a lot in common). There simply wasn’t anything offered that she could understand studying for four years (or much longer) that would be worth the investment of time and money. All the subjects she was drawn to were ones that had no reward for education.

So she leaves academia and attempts the life of the 9-5 work world, finds a boyfriend and tries to settle into mundane life. The man she had a relationship with …well, isn’t worth her energies. He abuses her mentally and emotionally, cheats on her with her best friend, and then proposes to her best friend.

Angry with herself for failing in college, at work, and at love, George is ready to give up. Her grandparents pass away and leave her a fairly large inheritance…just enough for her to invest in a house and a business. So she opens a metaphysical store.

This is where we find her at the beginning of the story. She’s had the store for…oh around five years or so. By this time, George is almost a complete isolationist. People come to her for what they need, and she’s always helpful but always aloof. She will not allow herself to care for them, nor for them to care for her.

Her spirituality has suffered in all of this as well because, naturally, the boyfriend who abused her was her High Priest and her now ex-best friend High Priestess of the coven she once attended. She has turned her back on Wicca, but no one really knows what she doesbelieve in. Her aloofness includes keeping her spiritual beliefs close to her chest. In the store, she is always completely neutral. She exhibits knowledge and understanding of whatever her customers are looking for and never speaks a word of judgment or support. Just the facts, ma’am.

As a result of her policy of non-interference, she now runs the most popular and best known metaphysical/occult shop in the Chicago suburbs.

Even if the rest of her family thinks she’s completely off-the-wall nuts.

George is alone, but not lonely. She is content in her isolationism because she’s finally found a place in the world. She’s doing what she feels she was called to do. She’s at the store all day long, and often takes on clients after hours as well, doing consultations, various spiritual cleansings ,or getting rid of mischievous spirits. George’s life is neat, tidy, and busy. Too busy for her to even notice that she might be missing something. Not that she would ever stop long enough to think about it, or acknowledge it if she did.

Until, of course, Hope shows up at the store. Let the chaos begin.


About Camylleon

I don't need gurus, and sure don't want to be one. I'm not here to buy stuff or to sell it. I am just another spiritual wanderer, trying to figure it all out. My blend? A little Santeria, a little Polytheism, a little Spiritism and shake gently. Comments are closed...because I detest drama. I'm not completely anti-social though. If you've got questions, shoot me a email. Camylleon at hotmail dot com...
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4 Responses to I Will Hug Her and Squeeze Her and Name Her George

  1. You seem to have a knack for developing characters and such. Reading the bit on her bif and ‘best friend’ make me want to tell George to lay down something nasty! But, I won’t go there. Although I have written in a long time I remember creating histories, place names, character names, etc. for my stories that I actually never got to write the actual story. I suppose that’s what happens when one sets their story in a world they’re creating over setting it in on Planet Earth (thereby dispensing of the necessity to name and shape every damn thing). Anyway, I enjoyed reading this. Blessings.

    • Camylleon says:

      Thank you! Don’t worry…the mess with the exes gets resolved. That’s one of the great things about writing; its VERY therapeutic! 😀 I get carried away with character development sometimes myself. Fortunately, I’m starting this all off on planet earth so there’s little work there, for now at least. I have plans to pretty much destroy civilization as we know it. Again, therapy! When I get to that point, there’s going to be some wholecloth creating and recreating. I’m looking forward to it. But you’re right, creating an entire universe from scratch is exhausting. I’d imagine a lot of new fantasy & SciFi authors get mired down in those details.

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