So Long…Farewell…etc.

It has been a very long time since I posted anything here, and I decided its long past time to simply close the door and move along.

I’ve lost interest in this blog. I guess I just finally decided that my personal thoughts on religion and spirituality were best kept personal. I’m a bit disappointed in the long run. I had very high hopes that if I could get my theories out there, I’d find people who were practicing like I am.

I was wrong. It happens sometimes.

I have found a lot of people whose “company” I enjoy on a social level…but that wasn’t what I was looking for, and wasn’t what I needed at the time I started all this.

So in that vein…I’m starting a shiny new blog…far more “shallow” than this one was meant to be, when I began so very long ago. It’s going to be a more conversational, daily life kind of thing…the parts of my life I feel comfortable sharing with everyone…the stuff I have more in common with the rest of the world…or at least those I get along with on that “shallow” social level.

Shallow isn’t exactly the word I’m looking for…since I have a tendency to be pretty politically inclined…so maybe “mundane” is a better term. *shrug*

Maybe I’ll see you around there, maybe I won’t. But I wish you all well on your independent journeys…




About Camylleon

I don't need gurus, and sure don't want to be one. I'm not here to buy stuff or to sell it. I am just another spiritual wanderer, trying to figure it all out. My blend? A little Santeria, a little Polytheism, a little Spiritism and shake gently. Comments are closed...because I detest drama. I'm not completely anti-social though. If you've got questions, shoot me a email. Camylleon at hotmail dot com...
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