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Art Imitating Life Imitating Art…and so forth…Trying this AGAIN

No, you’re not seeing things. I’m reposting this because it was supposed to have comments re-enabled…yeah, it helps a lot if you hit the “save” button. *sigh* Alternative titles: “Yeah, My Muertos are Just that Good” or “Wow, I’m THAT … Continue reading

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Building a Better Villian from Scratch

I’ve been lazy. I admit. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve worked on the book now. Not just because of laziness but because life seems to somehow get in the way. I had all sorts of great thoughts about … Continue reading

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The Depths of My Depravity

So yesterday I was whining here and around the internet about the imbalance I feel are in my posts as of late. I was on a quest to find new topics…topics I felt I could talk about to balance out … Continue reading

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Mmmm, Salty! Or, Words as Seasoning

I love to cook. So much so that my “spells” are often referred to as “recipes.” Likewise, my personal recipe book is fondly known as my “spellbook.” Food is magical. Words are magical. So it’s no surprise to me that … Continue reading

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Yes, there will be Men!

Lest you think I’d not include men in this story, I assure you there will be. And a light bit of “romance” although I have no intentions of putting that front-and-center. It’s an intentional decision on my part. In my … Continue reading

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I Will Hug Her and Squeeze Her and Name Her George

Last time I posted about my writing and such, I shared with you my first character, Hope. If you’re just “tuning in,” that post is here…http://wp.me/p1lH4W-8H. I have to admit again that characters and dialog are where my heart lies. … Continue reading

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