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Art Imitating Life Imitating Art…and so forth…Trying this AGAIN

No, you’re not seeing things. I’m reposting this because it was supposed to have comments re-enabled…yeah, it helps a lot if you hit the “save” button. *sigh* Alternative titles: “Yeah, My Muertos are Just that Good” or “Wow, I’m THAT … Continue reading

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This Time I Did It. I REALLY Did IT.

“What, oh what, Camylleon, have you done?” You may very well ask, given such a cryptic title. Welllllll…I’ve gone and signed up for NaNoWriMo. Yeah, I know I’m crazy. I just signed up to write a book in a month … Continue reading

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Gnome if You Want to…

So I’ve shared with you all the wonderful po-dunk white trash container garden that I started. You’ll be happy to know it’s doing reasonably well for my first effort…YAY! They are growing, I’m remembering to water them, and they seem … Continue reading

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Take a Giant Step

Well, Aubs can do it. Guess I let her be the brave one! ūüėČ What did she do, you may very well ask. She posted over at her blog…http://insolenceandimpertinence.wordpress.com/ snippets from TEH NOVEL ™, her very own Work-in-Progress. It’s password … Continue reading

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Building a Better Villian from Scratch

I’ve been lazy. I admit. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve worked on the book now. Not just because of laziness but because life seems to somehow get in the way. I had all sorts of great thoughts about … Continue reading

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Mmmm, Salty! Or, Words as Seasoning

I love to cook. So much so that my “spells” are often referred to as “recipes.” Likewise, my personal recipe book is fondly known as my “spellbook.” Food is magical. Words are magical. So it’s no surprise to me that … Continue reading

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There are No Small Characters.

If you’ve been following this blog, you know my main goal in this book is to destroy the world. If you haven’t been, you can read about it here http://wp.me/p1lH4W-7X. I get to tear the world apart and then repopulate … Continue reading

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Two Worlds Colliding

The last time I posted about my creative writing endeavors, I went over the plot of the book I’m currently working on. Or I should say I revealed what I am comfortable revealing. I am still a little paranoid, I … Continue reading

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My Paranoia is Showing…Again.

“So what’s your book about?” This is the question I dread. I realize that I will have to come up with a blurb eventually that encapsulates the whole thing in one or maybe two paragraphs. Its required when you submit … Continue reading

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Deep Thoughts from Strange Sources: Music Monday

Who’d have thought to find intelligence, with, and philosophical brilliance in a Russian gypsy punk band? Well, I would…but then, I’m weird. One of my favorites from Gogol Bordello… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtkGgp4sNp0 ….and now I feel like getting funky. It doesn’t matter … Continue reading

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