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Art Imitating Life Imitating Art…and so forth…Trying this AGAIN

No, you’re not seeing things. I’m reposting this because it was supposed to have comments re-enabled…yeah, it helps a lot if you hit the “save” button. *sigh* Alternative titles: “Yeah, My Muertos are Just that Good” or “Wow, I’m THAT … Continue reading

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Cave’s Notes: Beware of Fake Stones

For those of us relying primarily on instinct, guides, or UPG when choosing and using our stones, this will be far less important. This warning is for the rest of us, and for the beginners, who are just starting their … Continue reading

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I Will Hug Her and Squeeze Her and Name Her George

Last time I posted about my writing and such, I shared with you my first character, Hope. If you’re just “tuning in,” that post is here…http://wp.me/p1lH4W-8H. I have to admit again that characters and dialog are where my heart lies. … Continue reading

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Two Worlds Colliding

The last time I posted about my creative writing endeavors, I went over the plot of the book I’m currently working on. Or I should say I revealed what I am comfortable revealing. I am still a little paranoid, I … Continue reading

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I Love Harry Potter…and I Don’t.

I am torn, seriously torn. I was going to title this, “I Love Harry Potter but I Hate JK Rowling,” but that’s not exactly the truth, either. I don’t know JK Rowling, now do I? And honestly, although I’ve heard some conflicting … Continue reading

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There’s No Such Thing as Too Many Books…?

I don’t believe I’m going to say this. Seriously, I’m thinking someone should call a doctor or something. I have discovered a situation in which there is most definitely such a thing as too many books. It is certainly not … Continue reading

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Raising Energy, Grounding Energy: Will I Ever Learn?

There simply has to be a better way. I’m posting this as much to vent my frustration as in the vague hope that someone who stumbles upon it might have suggestions, of any sort. This past week, my friend Mousie … Continue reading

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