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Cave’s Notes: Beware of Fake Stones

For those of us relying primarily on instinct, guides, or UPG when choosing and using our stones, this will be far less important. This warning is for the rest of us, and for the beginners, who are just starting their … Continue reading

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Cave’s Notes: Everyone Must Get Stoned

Let a new series begin! I’m done with the 101 crap. Everyone and their cousin is doing that. Besides, this AIN’T NO WICCA 101 PAGE! Instead, for your amusement, discussion, and sometimes edification, I introduce “Cave’s Notes.” Like Cliff’s notes, … Continue reading

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The Depths of My Depravity

So yesterday I was whining here and around the internet about the imbalance I feel are in my posts as of late. I was on a quest to find new topics…topics I felt I could talk about to balance out … Continue reading

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A Dedication to the Yronwodes, Dr. Kioni and all other Involved Parties…You Haven’t Done NOTHIN’

We are amazed but not amused/By all the things you say that you’ll do/Though much concerned but not involved/With decisions that are made by you But we are sick and tired of hearing your song/Telling how you are gonna change … Continue reading

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Follow the Money…Kioni vs Yronwode, the Conspiracy Theory

Before I begin, let me say that much of this is hypothetical…completely hypothetical. Flying Poppet posted an interesting piece about a bit of a brouhaha going on in the African Tradition circles. I was blissfully unaware of these shenanigans until … Continue reading

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The ongoing saga of Dr. Kioni

I’m sharing this blog from my dear WordPress friend Poppet because…well, she says it best, and has done all the research and all that. Hoping to get some insight from my friends here at the Cave who have a little … Continue reading

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Deep Thoughts from Strange Sources: Music Monday

Who’d have thought to find intelligence, with, and philosophical brilliance in a Russian gypsy punk band? Well, I would…but then, I’m weird. One of my favorites from Gogol Bordello… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtkGgp4sNp0 ….and now I feel like getting funky. It doesn’t matter … Continue reading

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Don’t Tease the Cat…

A few years ago, I received my Cofa. It’s a Santerian thing. At any rate, when you go through this ritual, you receive your sign,  and advice to go along with it. Because through this ceremony, you find out something important … Continue reading

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Musical Monday: The (Wo)man with the Hex…

Feeling feisty? I am. I don’t know why. No one’s bothering me…today, at least. Maybe because I’ve just spent so much time with my family…maybe because my best friend’s been sick for a month…maybe just ‘cuz, I felt like sharing … Continue reading

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Writing about Writing

When I first started this blog, I was delusional. No, really. Completely out of my mind. See, I had begun creatively writing for the first time in almost 20 years. I had finally fleshed out what I thought was a … Continue reading

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