Ten Years Later…

I’m back. I can’t believe its been ten years since I closed up this blog and walked away. But it has been, more or less. I noticed that as I cleaned up the last bits of leftover writings.

Its been a weird ten years, as I’m sure you all would agree. Strange elections, family battling over politics (more than usual), pandemics, cancer, surgery, hospitals, therapy, the works. In among all that, I honestly can’t say I missed this blog at all. But then, one day, I realized I do have things to say.

And therapy (and the related meds) has immensely helped me to realize all that. I do have a voice, I do have a perspective to share, I do have as much right to spew into the void as anyone else on earth. So here I am. Stronger, a little more confident (working on that), and almost definitely ready to take the world on again.