This Ain’t No Wicca 101 Page

Please excuse the incredibly improper grammar, but it’s true. I have no intention of running a Wicca 101, Paganism 101, Witchcraft or Santeria 101 page. It’s just not my style. As much as I absolutely love sharing knowledge, there are far too many of these sites already. Far too many High Holy Muckety-Mucks proclaiming that they know everything from basic candle magic all the way up to spiritual possession techniques out there in the world already.

Really, do we need another color chart? More information on herbs? Another stereotypical rundown on mythology as understood by middle school teachers?

I think not.

I’m not saying there is no place for that information, or that there aren’t people out there on the Web actively searching for it. There are plenty of seekers…as well as plenty of providers. As I search the Web myself searching for people I might be able to swap stories with, I’m running across many of these “intro to whatever” sites. Most of them are trying to be helpful. Many of them are just trying to get a popular blog started so they can get some cash off of the advertising dollars. Some are hoping to be the next Llewellyn Publishing hotshot.

Seeker Beware.

On this blog, you’ll find me. Just me. My thoughts, my practices, my experiences. I’m no authority. I’m just another Pagan who has gotten everything I can from books, and it wasn’t enough. It’s never enough. After a certain point, either the information no longer applies or it just doesn’t go far enough. At that point, it’s time for experience. It’s time to get out there and do. Discover truths, practices, methods, recipes, spells, rituals, gods and goddesses for ourselves. To uncover old traditions and enhance them with new knowledge.

That’s where I am on my path now.

Hopefully, you’ll join me. If you’re new to all this, welcome. If you have some questions, just ask. Really. I don’t know everything. I don’t even know all that much in the great scheme of things. But if I don’t know, maybe I can point you in the right direction. A good book. A good method to find out. Something. I’ll try, honestly.

And if you’re ahead of me on the road, stop on in and put in your two cents as well. I’d love to hear what you’ve experienced, what you’ve learned, what traditions and methods work for you. For me, the sharing of our stories is of primary importance: For ourselves, for each other, for our descendants.

Nope, not Wicca 101. Maybe…Paganism 330? Experimental Paganism? Experiential Paganism? Not sure. There are few prerequisites, and lifetime learning experiences definitely count toward your ultimate degree. Whatever that might be.

Consider this, instead, to be an advanced course study group. I’m not the instructor, just another student. Maybe we can help each other.



8 Responses to This Ain’t No Wicca 101 Page

  1. Jessica says:

    This is fantastic, by the way. I love everything you are doing with this blog.

  2. Tamilia says:

    I totally agree with Jessica. This is a nice, tasty slice of the fantastic pie. Any whipped cream on hand?

    • Camylleon says:

      Of course! Whipped cream, ice cream, cheese (my mom puts cheddar on apple pie…I know, weird), whatever your preference! Glad you’re enjoying it! 😀

  3. skyewindsong says:

    I found myself nodding my head in agreement all the way through this! Thank you for NOT being another 101. Like we need more of those, right?

    • Camylleon says:

      YES! Thank you for your support and appreciation! There are far too many 101 sites in the cyber world already. Let’s branch out already, explore the forbidden areas, learn and grow! I may not always be right, but at least I’m learning.

  4. Ryan says:

    I love this. Just found your blog today and I love it (I just started blogging myself a couple days ago). Thanks for what you do!

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